epsilonEpsilon International SA (EPS, is a leading GIS Technologies Organization with history since 1985. The company has an international presence with offices and companies in Cyprus, Italy, Russia and soon Munich. EPS has accomplished in recent years more than 200 major GIS and remote sensing projects in worldwide partnership, for instance with ESRI DE. The company: (i) conducts original research & technology development for new products, (ii) delivers consulting services, GIS & remote sensing applications in the sectors of water, environment, information society technologies, city management & emergency, statistics, economics, digital aerial photography, mapping and in other technology & sciences sectors, (iii) is generating and offering GIS & digital products, digital maps, digital statistical databases, GIS added value s/w products, mathematical environmental s/w and models for environmental decision-making based on multiple GIS technologies, and (iv) conducts training courses for its clients.

uvisionUVision’s ( mission is to become a global leader in the UAS marketplace by offering a wide range of highly innovative unmanned system solutions and their derivatives, at highly competitive prices, tailored to meet the specific operational needs of its customers around the world. With the recent injection of investment funding and a broad mandate for establishing global collaborations, UVision will transform the marketplace by offering affordable solutions based on the most advanced and operationally effective UAS technologies.
UVision has been a leading player in the worldwide niche markets for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Remotely Piloted Vehicles (RPV) systems since 1986. UVision has a team of leading technology professionals, both in-house and from across the local defence industry in order to keep ahead of technical and operational developments. UVision subsidiary was the first to introduce composite-materials in UAV structures when it was commissioned to design and manufacture the fuselage of the Pioneer UAV for Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) to meet the stringent requirements of the US Navy.
UVision was chosen by Singapore, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, the Philippines, Israel, and other countries’ Defense Forces to provide unique, advanced, and reliable, operational UAV system solutions.
UVision’s line of products has matured over years of operational service, with users feedback has directly contributing to their evolution. Our systems reflect not only state-of-the-art technology but also an architectural approach that considers the need for flexibility and ample accommodations for future growth.
The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified by SII for design and production of UAV systems, airborne composite material structures and UAV flight services.